This technique of t-shirt printing differs from all others because it isn’t truly a printing method. Actually, it involves the usage of a machine to intricately embroider.

Embroidery printing basically involves a complex machine that reads the design information fed to it and translates it to strokes of its sewing needles. The design information is usually sent from a computer system. The computer digitizes the artwork you give into the design information required by the embroidery machine.

Normally such machines employ nylon threads because of their vibrant and professional-looking finish. You get a chance to choose the threads incorporated into your design so that they match with the color scheme you are looking for.

Machine embroidery is inherently faster than other forms of printing for smaller scale projects. If the embroidered design is bigger, then machine embroidery becomes slow and unfeasible. Machine embroidery also offers increased durability over conventional printing methods. This is so because the design becomes a part of the fabric through secure stitching. Speaking of fabrics, this method isn’t fabric-limited like dye sublimation and digital printing. You can use it on any type of fabric having any type of color scheme.

The main disadvantage of machine embroidery is that it is more expensive than the competing printing methods. Furthermore, it is difficult to recreate small text legibly through threads. Often the smaller text portion of a logo is mushed together because the machine’s resolution is effected at such low scales. Another drawback of this technique is when you are looking for a graduated effect. Mechanical embroidery can only recreate solid colors. So, if you are looking for a gradient effect then machine embroidery won’t replicate it.

Machine embroidery is recommended for professional apparel like polo shirts, aprons, caps etc. It gives a semblance of professionalism to your organization’s outlook. Your employees will look classy while wearing uniforms embroidered with your company’s logo. Not to mention such embroidery will act as free advertising for your business when your employee goes somewhere other than his/her workplace. Additionally, embroidery also looks great on banners.

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