Digital / Special Effects
Digital / Special Effects

Digital printing, as the name suggests, involves the usage of digital equipment in the printing of a t-shirt. This equipment is normally a printer. However the printer used in t-shirt printing is not like the one at your home. It is significantly more complex and bigger. Digital printing is relatively new on the scene, but it is rapidly growing.

In this method of printing, your required design is usually imported into a software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrators.

Any required modifications are made and then the design is sent to the printer. It is as simple as that.

Digital printing brings with itself countless benefits. First of all it is environment friendly; the ink is incorporated directly onto the fabric and there is no need for any other equipment. It is also faster than other alternatives because all the work is being done electronically. Digital printing is also very economical for small orders. In other types of printing, especially silk screen printing, you are required to cross the threshold of minimum order to print your shirts. In digital printing, however, you can print single t-shirts as well. This is great for giving personalized gifts.

Continuing with the advantages, the amount of detail present in the digitally printed shirt is also the best in class. Subtle color variations are reproduced faithfully and the end result looks more photorealistic than printed. Additionally, there are no additional charges for increasing the amount of colors incorporated into the design.

There are some disadvantages of digital printing as well. For instance, there is no protective finishing layer on a digitally printed shirt that would protect it from scuffing. Thereby reducing the durability of the design. Additionally, because this printed technique involves toners so sometimes crack may appear in the design upon washing or folding.

Digital printing is recommended for when you want to customize shirts having a base design (like sports kits) or are looking to print a single shirt or a very small batch. It is also great if you want the printed design to pop up. Digital printing works best with lighter color t-shirts as to get more detail the printed coloring isn’t as vivid.

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